Easily create and maintain an up-to-date inventory of your belongings and household items.

4 out of 5 stars

Keep track of your Assets, all in one place

Simple Usage Easy Record Keeping

Record important information about your belongings and household items such as furniture, electronics and apparel in one convenient application. Attach snapshots for quick reference.

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Fast Search Plain text search

Search and find items in your home inventory with plain text search. View item groups by location, rooms or category. Instant financial snapshot of your possessions by rooms or category.

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Customizable Add your own catagories

You can add your own location or room names. You can also add categories for items from the main menu.

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Photo Album Store pictures

Take pictures from your phone and attach to records. Album like image browser. Rich and detailed record viewer.

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Reports & Email

Instant financial summary of a location or category. If the unforseen disaster strikes, this list could help you claim insurance

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Other Features

  • Camera support
  • CSV export
  • Email Reports
  • Album Browser
  • Spreadsheet view

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Reviews & Testimonials:

I like most everything about this program ...

Very nice. Lacks ability to manage categories you can add new ones ...

This app need to have an additional space for comments-further description ...

Would be great ...

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Home inventory Pro is a fine piece of touch software by Playcolors.com